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Make The Most Of Retirement With A New Smile!

older lady during retirement

Retirement means it’s time to focus on yourself

There’s no better way to enjoy retirement than with a new set of sparkling teeth (which doesn’t include dentures)

Over time, our smiles start to lose their attractiveness, whether that may be from discolouration or a few missing teeth

Going about your day grim-faced and self-conscious about your smile can be disheartening, here are a few popular dental treatments that you can be pleased with during retirement:

Fixing missing teeth

When you have lost a tooth, it is definitely worth replacing it to avoid some very serious consequences.

It’s so important to have your teeth replaced, without it, your jawbone can begin to shrink and neighbouring teeth can drift apart. Which isn’t very pleasant!

person with fresh set of teeth

A few of the best clinics for dental implants:

Maida Smiles clinic won the Stardom Award for the most teeth replacements for a London clinic.

model of a denture


One of the more common dental treatments for ageing teeth is dentures.

They are used as a replacement for missing teeth. They can either be permanent or removable.

One of the more outdated and uncomfortable approaches to replacing missing teeth.

Teeth Whitening 

There’s nothing worse than teeth becoming discoloured over time.

Over 67% of people find they hide their smiles due to discolouration.

There are now hundreds of professional and at-home whitening kits on the market to help revolutionise your smile.

There’s no better start to retirement than a whiter smile!

person with whiter teeth