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Is it time for a stair lift?

When you are you younger you often take using the stairs easily for granted but as you grow older, even this simple task can become quite a difficult process. Stairlifts are a great way round this problem but actually taking the step to purchasing one and facing the fact that age is and will continue to restrict your ability to do certain things is quite a hard step. However, a stairlift may be the ideal solution to your problem that can be both efficient and economical.

The other major choice is to move home and buy/rent a property which is all on the same level such as a bungalow. However, as well as the major upheaval over moving house (which isn’t particularly pleasant at any age), and the loss of close friends and neighbors, it can also have serious financial implication – even if you are buying a house of exactly the same value, taxes and legal fees will usually cost you several thousands of pounds. Instead, the installation of a stairlift whilst still not a cheap solution, will cost a lot less and will allow you to stay in the comfort of your own home without having to struggle up and down the stairs, allowing for simple and easy movement from one floor to the next.

There are many different stairlift manufacturers and suppliers, including both local and national suppliers. You will have to decide if you want to go for a national brand, or a local company who is on your doorstep but when making this decision bear in mind, that it is a better idea to select a retailer who can offer you a range of manufacturer’s choices. The reason for this is that each manufacturer will have a range of products and each may have limitations for a particular installation/location. So select a company who can offer the best stairlift for your needs irrespective of ‘brand’.

Minivator ( is one of UK ’s leading stairlift manufacturers and producers. Their stairlifts are world-wide renowned and are widely used in homes everywhere.
Stannah ( is a company that produces a wide variety of stair lifts for consumers in many parts of the world, especially in the US and the UK . The quality of their stair lifts is highly praised and they are among the best stair lifts in the world, with 140 years of experience in manufacturing stair lifts behind them.
Another popular manufacturer, ThyssenKrupp Access (, make reasonably priced stairs lift that are of extremely good quality as well. Although their experience of over 50 years is nothing compared to Stannah’s 140, their models are often both trendy and safe. Indeed, many consumers agree that ThyssenKrupp Access produce some of the world’s best stair lifts.