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Mobility Scooters, really?

Not so long ago the only realistic option for most of the (non-royalty!) population losing the ability to walk whether permanently or even just finding it difficult, was to buy a wheelchair which was quite an expensive option. However, the wonders of technological advancements has led to a much more practical, enjoyable and not outrageously expensive option. Mobility scooters are now not only an affordable option for those suffering mobility problems but are even starting to become quite an attractive option.

Obviously, the terms used above “not outrageously expensive” and “affordable” is very dependent on the person you are asking but the main problem mobility scooter retailers such as www.valuemobility.co.uk and www.discountmobilitydirect.co.uk have encountered is it’s low and driving range which was severely limited. However, even more, technological advancements have now given us modern scooters that can drive as far as 25 miles on a single battery charge making them a lot more of a realistic option than their predecessors or the electric wheelchair.

More and more people are starting to realise that a mobility scooter is a very beneficial alternative for someone who, through temporary or permanent injury or the virtually inevitable physical restriction that comes with old age, is restricted to a wheelchair. However, an unexpected outcome for manufacturers is that the biggest market for retailers of these scooters has not been the former wheelchair users who do continue to buy them, but rather from those of advancing years or those with a weight and size problem that limits their mobility. For example, the Pride Maxima 4 model can hold over 35 stone of weight (www.discountmobilitydirect.co.uk/mobility-scooters/pavement-mobility-scooters/pride-maxima-4.aspx).

For the older person, a mobility scooter can take over the walk to the shop, or a visit to a friend. Once at the destination the rider can then dismount and walk around a store or a friend’s home on foot.
When used in this way a mobility vehicle actually promotes health and exercise by removing distance barriers and opening up travel options. Using a scooter in this way actually increases the amount of time a mobility restricted person spends outside their home and encourages them to spend more time outdoors.

For those with mobility restricting weight problems, a scooter can remove the constraint of having to stay close to the home for fear of becoming out of breath or exhausted. A vehicle of this type makes getting around easy and worry-free and it can always be parked up if the owner wants to take a walk or wonder around a shop on foot and virtually all modern mobility scooters have baskets or baggage areas making them ideal for carrying shopping and the seats are padded and comfortable.

Whether you’re getting on in age and just want to increase your mobility, or you are disabled and view owning electric mobility as a means of improving your quality of life, purchasing an electric mobility scooter will be one of the best investments you have ever made. With electric mobility scooters getting faster, cheaper and lighter more and more people are making this investment and with sites such as www.preloved.co.uk offering the opportunity to purchase second-hand mobility scooters at much lower prices, even those that didn’t think it was an affordable option are starting to re-think their decision.

Sara Woods