Punching In, Punching Out: Manage Shift Patterns Like a Pro

Punching In, Punching Out: Manage Shift Patterns Like a Pro

Keeping The Office Secure

The modern workplace is a complex maze of functional teams, departments, divisions, and overlapping shifts to encompass the 24/7 nature of 21st-Century business demands.

Gone are the days of workers patiently queuing up to punch their time cards in and out at the beginning and end of their shifts. The modern workplace demands a modern approach to staff management.

More than just door locks

The popular conception of Access Control Systems (ACS) is that they are all about security. While ACS can offer considerably improved site security for your commercial property, the technology can also be a game-changer in terms of managing staff work patterns.

Using impressive hardware such as hands-free access points and electronic key fobs, you can easily and unobtrusively monitor when staff enter and exit the workplace.

Manage your team remotely

  • In the post-COVID-19 era, we all want to return to work safely and securely. By contracting one of the best IP installers to integrate access control systems into your workplace, you can allow your staff access to the places they need to be when they need to be there, entirely remotely.
  • Check who’s working and who’s off-site to better manage your team and get the most out of your employees, wherever you are.
  • This system also empowers staff to use control their own time management, without feeling like they’re being micromanaged.

Not everyone needs the keys to the castle

As well as ensuring your employees are delivering the work they are expected to, at the right place, the intelligence of access control systems means that you can hand temporary access to certain areas to third-party contractors, without worrying about the security concerns of handing them the keys to the entire office.